Human Language Project

HLP is dedicated to:

  • Saving endangered languages from extinction
  • Offering free language courses for all world languages
  • Serving as a community for both linguists and language learners

Human Language Project

About HLP

HLP's goal is to be the largest, most comprehensive human-edited language directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a passionate, global community of volunteer translators and educators. It is also known as the human language project (HLP).

HLP was founded in the spirit of preserving endangered languages but was expanded to providing language resources free of charge, and is the only major site that will provide 100% of its content free. There is not, nor will there ever be, a cost to learn a language, and/or to use the site.

You Can Make a Difference

Like any community, you get what you give. HLP provides the opportunity for everyone to contribute.

Signing up is easy: choose a language you know or forward this page to someone you know who speaks a language other than English and join. Editing a language is a snap. We have a set of tools for adding and updating vocabulary in seconds. For just a few hours of your time you can help make a language accessible to millions of people, and be recognized as an expert on your chosen language.

Join HLP

  1. Find a language that you would like to maintain.
  2. Follow the Become an Editor link below.
Human Language Project
2500 languages - 3500 translators - over 2300 endangered languages

Did you know? In the field of language endangerment, a common estimate is that half of the languages living today will fall silent in this century (or over the next 100 years).

The Ethnologue counts 6,909 languages living today, and 7,000 is also a common estimate of the number of languages currently spoken.

This means, that a language dies every 10 days.

Our goal is to increase the efforts to stabilize and revitalize languages, by taking advantage of the wide spread use of the internet and information. Join us today!